The increases, paid for once again by Ratepayers, are mind boggling.  500-540% increase in tariffs for the first 1-6 kilolitres?

All our queries to Eddie Andrews (“”Mini mayor” for Area South), Penny East (Chair, Oversight Committee Area South and Ward Councillor for Ward 71) as well as Elizabeth Brunette Ward Councillor for Ward 62 remain unanswered, with regards to why the City Water and Sanitation department writes off R1bln a year, every year. 15% of its entire revenue.

Including other write offs, the City writes off a total of 2.5nlb worth of its revenue per year ever year. To put things in perspective, this amounts to a massive 35% of revenue the City earns from its entire rates revenue base of 7bln and 6.5% of its total revenue of 40bln. Again, no answer to any of our queries.

Politicians playing with their electorate and serving their own needs?

Whatever happened to the Public Participation Process?

A full listing of increases can be viewed by clicking the link below.