We have been attempting to get the City to conduct a High Constantia node Traffic Study for the last 2 years – particularly at the junctions of Constantia Main and Price Drive/Groot Constantia Road/Pagasvlei Road.

It took some convincing of our Ward Councillor that something needed to be done – despite glaring evidence. Once at last convinced, Councillor Brunette suggested that we pay for the study to which we objected.

At the latest meeting held only 1 of the 4 invited City engineers arrived for the meeting, which was extremely disappointing and nothing new was achieved. This has become par for the course. Meeting after useless meeting and simple neglect.

It took the City 5 years to do anything about the Southern Cross drive racetrack – despite over 100 accidents in 2016 alone. It was only when people started questioning our Ward Councillor’s decision not to press for it and ourselves making more noise to do something, that the City suddenly found budget for the calming measures put in earlier this year. Unfortunately it was an election year and admittedly right before the last Municpal elections to curry favour.

We once again urgently request that our Ward Councillor and Sub Council urgently take action to ensure the safety of people who travel that road each day.