Who are the FoCVGB?

The main objectives of the FOCVG are the following, namely:-

1. To ensure the preservation, conservation and the recreational usage of the CVGB’S, by, inter alia:

  • operating with the agreement of the managing authority of the CVGB’S namely the City of Cape Town [CCT]
  • fostering and promoting public awareness of, and respect for the CVGB’S;
  • informing the public about the diversity of flora and fauna which may be found in the CVGB’S;
  • protecting, through lawful means and wherever possible, the CVGB’S against actual or threatened degradation due to any cause, and particularly, the erosion of its boundaries;
  • participating in formal planning activities of the City of Cape Town, Provincial and National authorities where proposed or approved development may impact on the CVGB’S or its surrounds.

2. To encourage and promote the formation of an active team of volunteers to assist in carrying out the objectives of the FOCVG from time to time.

3. To seek affiliation with other public benefit organisations in the Constantia Valley with similar Aims and Objectives.

4. The objectives set out in this clause (5) are not intended in any way to be exhaustive, and may be supplemented or amended at any time in the manner provided for in this Constitution.

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FOCVG Constitution 2016 approved

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