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Constantia Valley Greenbelts

There are 12 recognised greenbelt walks in the Constantia Valley. The separation of these is often ill-defined as they all follow the courses of rivers comprising the Sand River Catchment. This catchment starts at Kirstenbosch on the southern side of Wynberg Hill and it continues to Zandvlei and hence to the sea at Muizenberg, traversing the district of Tokai en route.

The attached diagrammatic maps show the layout of the Sand River Catchment, which in Constantia comprises the Diep River, Wolwekloof River, Brommersvlei River,  Spaanschemat River, Paggasvlei Stream and Grootboschkloof River, before the last three become the Keysers River in the Tokai District. The numbering on the two maps corresponds. Separate maps of 9 of the walking trails are obtainable on the internet at:

Concerned Constantia residents have formed a group called, ‘Friends Of Constantia Valley Green Belts’ that is constituted and registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, affiliated to WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) and working in close collaboration with ‘Working for Wetlands’ and ‘Source to Sea’. Most of the greenbelts along the various watercourses are the property of City Parks, so their involvement is imperative.

The main aim of the group is to maintain and improve these valuable assets and make them more desirable for all users, mainly by eradicating noxious and invasive alien vegetation and re-establishing indigenous plants. Paths are essential as a means of access to perform these tasks, as are bridges over the various streams. It is unfortunately also necessary to remove waste and pollution left by thoughtless users.

River Wardens are appointed to monitor and report problems, such as fallen trees and overflowing sewers, to the relevant authorities. This is done for no reward, other than to witness the appreciation and enjoyment of other users. These wardens will be able to give more local information about the specific greenbelt under their care, because each greenbelt differs extensively from the others.

To become a member costs very little and is based on the basic wage of a single ‘Green Jobs’ workman for one day’s work. As there are presently only 100 paid-up members, these subscriptions are severely stretched over the more than 13 greenbelts that fall within the catchment. Therefore, the performance of the group depends on funds from Green Jobs via  the ISU (Invasive Species Unit), donations and the dedicated work of individuals, who are the unsung heroes of the organisation.

Most of the other funding of the Friends of Constantia Valley Greenbelts comes from donations and the recycling of paper and glass.  The drop off point is located behind the Constantia Village Shopping Centre.  Please support the Friends by using this convenient drop off collection point.

Should you like to become a member or make a donation please E-Mail James Forsyth, our secretary,  and he will he let you have our Banking details and a Membership applications form.