WATER RESTRICTIONS – Feedback from Cape Town residents

As mentioned in our previous article regarding Water Restrictions, the problem of water wastage is not just a problem in Constantia, it is City Wide!

We  gave one example of one residents frustration, but we have had several e-mails and messages from Residents who have detailed their experiences.

One such experience is:

There was exactly the same problem earlier this year in Simon’s Town where nothing was done about a leak in Quarry Road that was running for months despite residents logging complaints. 

The City sent people who came and went, came and went.  It eventually became clear that they were in fact sub-contractors that were being sent out who stood around second guessing where the problem was.  Areas in the road were eventually chopped up that clearly could not have been where the leak was. 
The water continued to gush down the hill and through a Navy building in St George’s Road and the City said it was a leak there when people complained.  The Navy or someone put up a sign there to say the leak is not at that building!
The leak in Quarry Road was eventually ‘fixed’ but it started leaking again when the whole process was repeated. 
When someone spoke to the workmen it did not seem that they cared much or at all. 
In fact, it would seem that properly fixing the leak equalled no further work there for the subcontractors. 
I can’t bear to think about the amount of water that was wasted. 
Lip service on the one hand and increased water charges on the other hand. 
Makes you think doesn’t it?
Remember to report all leaks via the City of Cape Town website: https://www.capetown.gov.za/en/ServiceRequests/Pages/default.aspx.
Mail us your water wastage stories at marketing@crra.co.za

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