Voter Reg

The IEC Voter Registration weekend is on 5 & 6 March from 8:00 to 17:00.

Please register to vote if you are a SA citizen with an ID from Home Affairs and you
• are 16 years or older – although you must be 18 to vote – and
• have not registered to vote in an election after 1994, or
• are a registered voter but have moved since the last municipal election.

Am I registered? / Where am I registered?
• SMS the IEC on 32810 with your ID number as the message.
You should receive a response within 30 seconds.

What must I take to the voting station?
Your smartcard ID / green barcoded ID book / temporary ID certificate.
Home Affairs issue a temporary ID certificate when you apply for an ID book; you can use this to register and to vote.

Out of town / on a bicycle on 5&6 March
You can register at the IEC office at Alphen Hall, Constantia Main Rd on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00 until the election date is announced by the President.
It only takes about 5 minutes.

Register where you live!
Registered voters may only vote at the voting station at which they are registered, so register near to where you live.
A municipal election is the only opportunity that voters have to vote for the public representative who will serve the residents in the ward in which they live for the next five years.

Voting Stations in Ward 62
The following Voting Stations will be open on 5 & 6 March from 8:00 to 17:00.

  • Stone Cottages – Fernwood / Bishopscourt (cnr Kirstenbosch Drive & Rhodes Ave)
  • NG Kerk – Wynberg (cnr Carr Hill & Durban Road)
  • Timour Hall Primary School – Plumstead Lower (Timour Hall Rd)
  • Norman Henshilwood High School – Plumstead / Wynberg (Constantia Road)
  • Alphen Hall – Constantia (Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road)
  • Constantia Primary School – Constantia (cnr Spaanschemat Rd & Ladies Mile Ext)

Ward 62 Demarcation changes
• Voters living in Upper Newlands above Newlands Avenue have been moved to Ward 59 and need to register at the Westerford High School voting station.
• Voters living in and registered at the Cape Academy for Maths & Science voting district in Constantia have been moved to Ward 71.

Please share this information with your work colleagues, friends and family – especially young adults who are 18 or older this year.
If they don’t live live in Ward 62 then they may need to go to another IEC office or a Voting Station in the Ward in which they reside.

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