As part of our support of the Capricorn Edu Fund we would like to ask for volunteers to assist with one of the many projects currently running at the Capricorn Primary School.

Wordworks is an early learning literacy programme, where volunteers work for 2 hours a week with two children at a time, ranging from Grade R to Grade 3, the individual attention that the children receive has proven over the years to be invaluable, with the results speaking for themselves.

The wordworks lessons happen on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at Capricorn Primary school and we are always looking for new volunteers to join us.  Full training is provided, so all that is really needed if a person is interested in joining us is an ability to speak and read English fluently and a love of children.  Any of the existing volunteers will tell you, the children are a delight to work with, their joyous, enthusiastic and grateful natures constantly making you smile!

Wordworks was founded in 2005 by Shelley O’Carroll, a remedial teacher and educational psychologist.   Wordworks aims to strengthen early literacy and language development in disadvantaged communities through targeted early intervention and the delivery of proven programmes and resources.  Wordworks seeks to enable all children to fulfil their learning potential by empowering parents, teachers, community members and volunteers to play a meaningful role in facilitating the early acquisition of reading and writing skills.

Can you help? Contact marketing@crra.co.za for more information


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