The CRRA works hard on your behalf to make Constantia a better place to live and to bring up your families. We have enjoyed many successes over the last few years but our job is not over. There are policies being implemented now and in the future that are going to impact all our lives for many years to come. We need residents’ help and their opinions if we are to accept/object to policies and in order for us to shape your future.

Become a member of the CRRA now and help us to help you.

The CRRA executive committee consists of 12 dedicated volunteers who provide their time pro bono for the beneficiation of Constantia and who meet once a month to discuss and act on the various issues that are taking place in Constantia. A co-ordinated, reputable collective voice is what is required when dealing with the City and the more residents it has as members, the more the voice is likely to be heard and acted upon. Membership is just R480 per year (R40 per month) and you get A ‘one-stop-shop’ for dealing with common complaints such as : Water and sewerage service problems, public open space maintenance, noise nuisances, vagrancy, taxi problems. We help to improve traffic; road systems by engaging with authorities, we act as the ‘watchdog’ for undesirable, development in your area thus controlling urban and commercial ‘creep’, the destruction of heritage etc., unauthorised building work and land use contraventions. We collaborate with other bodies to protect the natural environment. We can give you advice on town planning and building plan submissions.

Most importantly, you get a collective voice that represents the community you live in. Become a member and have your voice heard! The Future of Constantia is in your hands.