Law Enforcement already cannot cope with its present load, is totally underfunded, resourced and demoralised.

Yet the City continues to approve additional regulations and licenses that it knows it cannot enforce? Whilst it may be argued that dogs on leashes may be required on certain greenbelts, who is going to enforce that and will enforcement be at the expense of pursuing and proactively preventing crime?

Residents and Ratepayers want to know why a Security Needs Analysis Report was pulled very recently (August) by Sub council 20 for Area South.

Area South includes Retreat, Philippi, Mitchell’s Plain Constantia, Noordhoek, Cape Point and  Muizenberg.

This report was requested by Councillor Penny East in December 2015 and was inexplicably “pulled” in April 2017 despite the Chief of Law Enforcement, Rudolph Wilstshire saying on the 24th April 2017 ”I will submit to you a detailed report for your next meeting.”

Why was the report pulled?

If you do not know what the requirements (manpower, vehicles, equipment and funding) are, how do know how to fix the problem?

We want the report to be completed and circulated to all areas and residents and ratepayers for their attention, review and comments.