In response to many calls for the authorities to address the ‘Street People’ issue, a meeting was arranged to establish a Ward 62 Local Network of Care (LNOC). Stakeholders who were invited to attend included Non Profit Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Faith Based Organisations, Community Based Organisations and people who work with and assist street people within Ward 62 and any other residents who wish to become involved.
The City gave the following background statement:
‘The City of Cape Town’s aim is to establish a Local Network of Care (LNOC) in communities that will take ownership of the street people challenges in their respective communities.
The objective of the LNOC is twofold; to assist the Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate with the reunification of street people back into their community of origin, and to prevent people from living on the street or open spaces.
The LNOC constitution and the Street People Policy will guide the committee about their roles, and the committee will meet monthly to discuss the needs of street people in their community and develop a plan of action.
Social Development and Early Childhood Development will provide on-going mentoring and support to develop the effectiveness of this forum’.
About 20 people attended the meeting including a few independent residents and a follow up workshop was held – apparently this was not terribly productive. In order to improve communications between City officials and the LNOC, a senior City manager has been appointed to chair future workshops.
Membership of the LNOC is open to anybody with an interest in social upliftment and community development. You can contact:
Ms Ntombevangeli Matshayana
Tel:         021 417 0508
Email: City’s Street People Policy is available at: