CRRA contacts ward councillor Liz Brunette regarding Southern Cross drive.

Dear Liz,

At the recent community meeting with the Mayor and which Councillor Heron attended, you were asked by concerned residents what the City was doing in respect of traffic calming on Southern Cross, given the increased traffic and the speeding problem.

You mentioned that the City had drawn up plans 3 or 4 years for the construction of a raised intersection at the corners of Monterey Drive and Southern Cross.

The CRRA (as well as on behalf of the Neighbourhood Watch)  would once again like to place on record our concern as to a serious accident occurring on this road (which will involve multiple casualties) and we therefore appeal to the City again for the City to please do something about our concerns.

We have been advised by the City that a raised intersection (rather than a traffic circle as we believe) is the preferred solution at Monterey by the City  – both from a traffic calming solution as well as a cost perspective. We believe that this will certainly slow traffic down, but will not solved the issue of motorists speeding before they reach Monterey as well as from Monterey down to Pinehurst, where they generally slow down before the raised traffic intersection corner Parish and Southern Cross.

We have also been advised that the City cannot install speed humps of this road due to its class 4 nature due to its own Traffic Calming policy. The Traffic Services deputy Chief has also advised that mobile cameras are not effective (motorists just revert back to speeding when the camera has gone) and that fixed cameras are not an option because (again due to the traffic calming policy of the City) there has to be fatalities  before a fixed camera is installed, public transport uses the road, motorists simply speed up after passing them as well as the cost involved. Further 81% of traffic fines are written off so the majority of people simply do not pay and therefore do not learn.

In order to motivate our further appeal, please refer to:

  1. The attached incident report received from SAPS Wynberg – there have been 59 accidents on Southern Cross drive since January 2015. We are attempting to get the number of serious casualties and any fatalities from SAPS which is proving to take longer than anticipated.
  2. Photographs taken this morning of another accident involving a speeding taxi – it took the taxi 140 metres to stop in a 60km/h zone and it only stopped because it went into the embankment. The taxi had 15 people in it.
  3. Every time there is an accident, the resources that are tied up are enormous – the photos evidence two ambulances, 2 ADT vehicles, one special response team and their vehicle and a fire emergency truck that arrived later.
  4. I attach photographs of speed humps on Century Boulevard – if they can be installed on a road like this we are not sure why can they not be installed on Southern Cross?
  5. We estimate that 95% of all vehicles on this road do not obey the speed limit.

We would please urge the City to look at traffic calming measures on intersections of Southern Cross and  Dawn, Gemini and Duckitt Ave, the last being just before The Retirement Village entrance.

Are road studs not an option as have recently been installed on cnr Spilhaus and Alphen Drive?  We would also like the City to bear in mind that there is a hidden exit across from Gemini way where City of Cape Town officials and their vehicles have to exit once they have finished attending to their business as the pump station. It could also be argued that resident pedestrians south of Southern Cross Drive have to cross SX onto a public space and follow the path onto Picardie Road to get to Bel Ombre Meadow?

Once the City communicates options to us, the CRRA can assist in  terms of engagement with residents.

We would also like to again place on record a similar situation for Brommersvlei Road.