It seems that miracles do happen – particularly before elections!


Although the City has not notified us officially (despite us writing to them on Monday 19th July further appealing for their assistance in this matter) , the Constantia Bulletin of yesterday reports that the City have now agreed to install raised intersections at the intersections of Southern Cross and Monterrey Road, Silverhurst Drive, Duckitt Ave and Pinehurst Road. If this is indeed so, then we welcome their decision, finally.


Whilst we realise that the road is a class 4 road which takes public transport, we encourage the City to review its own traffic policies with regards to speeding and the installation of speed humps. Brommersvlei is a case in point, as are other rat run roads in Constantia, that have become extremely busy with the increase in traffic flow.


The City’s traffic department may have only recorded 71 accidents as quoted in the Bulletin, but then the Traffic Department is not necessarily called to each accident. The accident on Southern Cross on Monday 18th is an example when the traffic department was not called.


For insurance purposes however, it is compulsory that motorists obtain a case number from SAPS. Our statistics of 20 accidents in 2015 (1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015) and 9 in 2016 (1 January to 6 June), totalling 29, were received directly from Wynberg Police Station.


As per the City 2016/2017 budget on page 154, The Safety and Security Directorate debt write off (traffic fines) amounted to 740mln last year, 808mln this year and forecast 852mln and 899mln for the next two years.


That’s a write off of 3.3bln in 4 years.


It is a pity that these funds cannot be spent on Safety and Security. The 26% recovery figure as apposed to our figure of 19% is sematic – statistically speaking, the per annum write off is the equivalent of a 10% increase in the entire City rates revenue base (per year) or 7 500 houses for the Human Settlements Directorate per year.


We regret the Bulletins impression that no one was available with the facts for the one day (Wednesday 20th) before they went to press. In this case, the Executive Member  who should have been contacted at the outset was available, but the Bulletin called the wrong Executive Members. We are a voluntary organisation with everything being done pro-bono and most Executive Members have full time jobs as well. We are not always available but generally get back to press queries within a day or two.