The CRRA has raised with the City (on numerous occasions) the daily safety issues that residents of this road face due to speeding and taxis stopping in the middle of the road.

Indeed, the CRRA has placed its opinion on record with the City that a serious accident is imminent and which is going to involve MULTIPLE serious injuries and/or fatalities.

The response we have had to date is as follows:
The City has installed the raised intersection at the intersection of Parish and Southern Cross Drive with varying opinions as to its effectiveness. Bollards have been installed at strategic points (on bends, where there is not enough room to pull over, double white lines, at the old age retirement home, pump station access and so on), for approximately 800m out of a total length of 6.1km (both sides). There is still plenty of room/space for taxis to pull over, contrary to what you will have heard on Cape Talk about Constantia residents not allowing their domestics workers to be dropped off.

The City have developed plans for a raised intersection at Monterey Road – 3 years ago!!
We believe that a roundabout solution is far more effective, but have been unable to convince Council otherwise, despite a large amount of research evidencing roundabouts are more effective. The Intersection is also the cheaper option for the City. We also believe that multiple speed humps need to installed between Moneterey and Pinehurst Roads.

The standard response to any request for any infrastructure is firstly “No” and Secondly, no, because no funds are available. The latter being what was advised by our Councillor and as she has said for the last 3 years running.

We have requested that fixed cameras are installed at strategic places but have since been advised (despite no funds being available) by the Deputy Chief of Traffic Services that cameras are:
1. Only installed when there has been a fatality. They are largely in effective as people soon
2. Mobile cameras operate very occasionally, but as per the above, they are largely ineffective
3. In both cases, we know that the City writes off 81% of fines issued (740mln per year) – so
We have requested speed humps on Constantia Main Road but have been advised (in terms of the City’s own Traffic Calming Policy) that humps cannot be installed on a Class 4 Collector Road. Our Councillor also believes that “we are not seeing the bigger picture”. We have advised that we have seen the bigger picture and the bigger picture involves ensuring residents are safe and that there are no accidents, injuries or fatalities.

So people continue to speed and the City would rather see people die or seriously injured before it takes any definitive action. A raised Intersection is not going to solve the problem of people speeding between Monterey and Parish.

The City is only going to do something if ratepayers and residents do something and CHALLENGE them. How on earth can it be an APPROVED policy that people need to DIE before action is taken.

Why is that our Councillor can authorise the build of questionable gym equipment in Alphen Park but Southern Cross dangers continue un-abated? Why can the City write off 740mln year, an amount of money that could resolve the City’s ENTIRE backlog of speed humps?

If no one challenges the City, expect to have more vague promises made by our Councillor at “community meetings” before election time and expect another visit from our Mayor in 5 years time.