A Commercial Retail Centre is being proposed for a portion of the “Old dump site” (Erven 13707 and 13708) at the Ladies Mile/Spaanschemat River Road intersection.

The Public Participation Process commenced on the 3rd June (advertised in newspapers) and the CRRA received relevant notice for comment on the 7th June. Property owners neighbouring the proposed development have also received notices via registered mail (It is likely that new notices will have to be sent as the existing one has no closing date for comment).

The CRRA is presently collating all the documentation (requested from the applicant) and will be assessing the proposed development. As mentioned above, the proposal is for a portion of the old dump site – it is not clear at this stage what will transpire regarding the remainder of the Erf 4724.

The CRRA will be requesting a public meeting with the Developer and Professional Team; the time and date will be advised in due course once confirmed.

Residents and Ratepayers are urged to join the CRRA as a co-ordinated, reputable and collective voice is what is required when dealing with the City.

Click here to view a copy of the motivation report – plans will be added in due course.