Schoenstatt Retirement Village
The CRRA Land Use committee were invited to comment on the planning application in April. Part of the application motivation is to enable the Sisters to maintain the historically sensitive southern portion of their property which we support. However the site development plan comprising 58 single storey buildings, 10 double storey buildings and 20 serviced apartments (within the converted existing training facility) totalling 88 new dwelling units in this area where the development of right is for 8 single residential properties, is far too intense.Also, the impact on existing roads and services for this number of units and a frail-care facility with accompanying staffing has not been thought through and will negatively impact on the service delivery to the existing property owners.For these reasons we could not support the application in its proposed form. No response has been received from the City.We appointed Prof Todeschini to comment on the draft Heritage Impact Assessment – in response to earlier comment, the designers did improve the layout to accommodate the interface between the Schoenstatt heritage nucleus and the retirement component  however there are  reservations  regarding retaining the tree’d character of the property. Todeschini then presented to Heritage Western Cape on 10 August 2016.Their decision was to approve the development subject to these and some other layout changes.
We intend to pursue traffic aspects with the City and may even appoint an independent consulting engineer to conduct a macro traffic impact assessment for the whole node including not only Schoenstatt but also High Constantia, Chardonnay Deli, Groot Constantia entrance, Silverhurst, Price Drive etc.


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