Rubbish, Rubbish everywhere

Take a walk along Constantia Main Road and Spaanschemat River Road and what do you see? Rubbish, rubbish everywhere. And where does the bulk of the rubbish come from?

Well, one would assume from those who have bought something from the Mall which is at that intersection and then just dumped the packets etc.

Or from the overflowing bins surrounding the mall?

So the question we ask is Who’s problem is it?

Should the city employ more people to keep that specific area clean? Or should Mall management employ someone to keep the area surrounding their area clean?

There are plenty of people looking for jobs, why not employ someone to help in keeping Constantia clean. One dedicated rubbish collector who then places all rubbish in the recycling bins at the back of the village would make a world of a difference and is unlikely to cost much.


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