Constantia Ratepayers and Residents contribute 145mln in rates, 28mln in terms of the fuel levy and 35mln in terms of what the City makes on margins from the provision of utility services. That’s over 200mln per annum which will go up now to 230 mln per annum. This contributes to the City s yearly revenue with which it uses to finance operating expenditure/repairs and maintenance – not capital spending.

We have received in the region of 1.75-2mln (less than 1%) this last year ending June 2016.

You can assist us by joining the CRRA.  A collective voice with which to engage the City is very much required.

It is easy to say that the City provides better services than the rest of South Africa, but when you benchmark anything against zero/almost zero/poor, it is easy to do well.

Why is there no Law Enforcement Metro or Traffic police in Constantia?

Constantia’s GDP is over 600mln per annum and the neighbourhood employs over 6 000 people.

What is the City doing about taxis, film companies without permits, greenbelt maintenance, condition of our roads and building regulations? Why is the City actively encouraging the flouting of building regulations? What is being done about what is being spent on simple repairs and maintenance within our neighbourhood.

What is our Councillor doing for the neighbourhood? Do you know who our Councillor is?

Where does our Ward budget of 770K per annum go to?

Why does the City continue to NOT spend 10% of its capital budget – ZAR600 mln a year.

We have received in the region of 1.75-2mln (less than 1%) this last year ending June 2016.

Do you think this is equitable?

Everyone knows, understands and agrees that the majority of rates goes to the poor. Admirably it is claimed by the City that 68% of their budget goes to the poor. Where does the rest go?

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