De Lille


It was only one month (10th May) ago when our Mayor publicly declared:

“Who today thinks that the DA government would be so stupid to put more money in Constantia. Why must we do that? They have got everything. In fact, they don’t even want street lights. They want to live in the dark,” she said.

Ratepayers and Residents are encouraged to attend this public meeting.

Know your facts about Constantia and what our neighbourhood contributes to the City’s coffers (as well as National Government) are as follows:

Dwellings                              3 800

Employed people                8 500

Rates paid                            210mln a year or 17.5mln a month

Fuel Levy                             28mln a year

Margins on utilities           6.3mln a year

Margins on electricity       86mln a year

Total to City                        330.7 mln or 27.5mln a month

Income tax                           132mln PER MONTH

VAT                                       53.2 PER MONTH

Everyone understands and agrees that vast majority goes to the poor and needy, but why bite the hands that feeds you, in such a derogatory manner. Instead, where is the recognition for the enormous contribution that Constantia makes. Why is the dialogue destructive instead of constructive? Why does Constantia continue to be demonised by the City at every available political opportunity?

Come and listen – the meeting is scheduled for 1 hour.