This is just a reminder to all residents that your Municipal rates went up on the 1 July 2016.

So you may wonder, going up again? what am I getting for my money?

Here are a few statistics and general information:

  • The 3774 households in Constantia pay the City R210 000 000. (two hundred and ten million)
  • That amounts to about 3% of rates revenue in the city.
  • The city says that it is impossible to determine what percentage is spent on Constantia, but continues to say that all neighbourhoods receive the same treatment (grass mowing, weed programmes, tree trimming, litter etc as well as the provision of basic services. It had to be an “equitable” allocation of resources and that Constantia did not get any special treatment and could expect a “return” on its investment by way of rates.

We ask the following:

  • Why do we still have roads that have not been marked? Some for 10 years where the markings have all but disappeared, yet Meadowridge and say Newlands have gleaming markings, maintained every year.
  • Why  do Constantia residents have to fund (entirely) two law enforcement vehicles (through the Neighbourhood watch) that service Constantia and also surrounding neighbourhoods. They are manned by volunteers from the Southern Neighbourhoods.
  • It is very rarely that you will see a traffic services vehicle – they provide a reactionary service in our NBH (i.e response to an accident). We are we constantly told  that there are no resources etc etc.
  • Why does the  Law Enforcement, Metro Police and Traffic Services write off approximately R740mln a year out of the R914mln worth of fines (81%) they issue a year. To put this in perspective, it is 44% of their ENTIRE operating budget (the whole Directorate) for a year
  • Why do we fund the huge losses being made by my Citi Bus (1bln over the last 2 years)
  • Why does the City underspend its capital budget. We are told that this is “getting better” and that currently it spends 85-90% of its capital budget. Sounds high but when you quantify the 10-15%, it amounts to 600-900mln. Capital budget for 2016/2017 is just over 6bln