Mount Prospect proposed Retirement Estate
This application took a different route to the Ladies Mile application because the size and nature of the site triggered the requirement for an environmental report to be done in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA). Hence a Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR) was compiled by Sillito Environmental Consulting which the CRRA commented on in October 2015, with the assistance of Prof. Fabio Todeschini.We were subsequently invited to a meeting with the developer/professional team to discuss our concerns about the proposed development. Sillito then prepared a final BAR supposedly in response to comments received from interested and affected parties (I&AP’s) including the CRRA. This was presented to residents as part of a second public participation process (the Open House meeting in July).Again comment was invited from all I&AP’s. The CRRA/Todeschini were disappointed at the minimal changes that had been made in response to our comments on the Draft BAR and decided that it would be futile to comment in any detail on this Final BAR, other than to highlight the minimal response.

Rather, we decided to lodge a nomination with Heritage Western Cape (HWC) to have Mount Prospect declared a Provincial Heritage Site. This has been done and if acceded to, then HWC would play a more significant role in considering, commenting on and approving or not any proposed development of the site.

As things stand, both HWC and the City Heritage Branch agree with the CRRA that the development is fundamentally inappropriate for this site. At another meeting on 14 September, HWC members again endorsed the site as being a significant heritage resource and were of the opinion that the very high density proposed is not appropriate. Also that building designs should be more appropriate to the ‘remnant rural context’.

However, the final decision lies with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning.


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