Mount Prospect – Provincial Heritage Site

Mount Prospect is a landmark in the Constantia Valley.   It is an uniquely Victorianised Cape Farm homestead that is extant in its unique and distinctive setting, situated in one of the earliest of South Africa’s colonial productive agricultural valleys.

Earlier this year the CRRA  initiated a process whereby we engaged Prof. Fabio Todeschini to lodge a Provincial Heritage Site (PHS) nomination with Heritage Western Cape (HWC) which was done in August this year.

On the 25th August 2016 the matter of the PHS nomination was on the agenda for consideration by HWC’s Inventories, Grading and Interpretation Committee.    After the CRRA representatives had waited 5 hours sitting around at HWC before our matter was called, the committee decided not to give the matter any consideration as the owners of the site had not received copy of the nomination.

The matter was again on the HWC IGICom agenda on 17 November 2016 (a CRRA member attended in her personal capacity) where the legal representative of the owner and developers of the site stated that they have still not received the PHS nomination document from HWC.

After some debate by the Committee in camera,  the Committee decided that there was no need to provide the owner of the site with the PHS nomination at this stage as what was before the committee was a decision about Grading.

However, the Committee astonishingly then simply again deferred the consideration of the appropriate Grading of the Mount Prospect Farm to the incoming IGICom next year and the decision now has to wait until February 2017 when it will again be on the agenda.

In the meantime the owner and developers are pushing steadfastly on with their application to the Department of Environmental Affairs and Planning for a decision and of course with their planning application.

It is not difficult to work out whose interests have been served by these astonishing delays on the part of HWC’s IGICom to consider the PHS nomination.

In fact, these delays could well render the Constantia Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association’s efforts to save Mount Prospect from being developed into a large number of dwellings nugatory.




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