Mr Richard White, Sub council 20 Manager has advised that they completed their report and are recommending their approval to the liquor board. The CRRA challenged him about the CRRA letter of objection and the petition with over 600 objections and Mr White has advised that they had visited the venue and were satisfied that the owners had taken all necessary measures to mitigate concerns.

Their reference in assessing the application was City By-Laws and policies.

We have asked for a written reply to our objection as well as a copy of the report.

One wonders why a public participation process is undertaken if all objections are going to be simply ignored.

All of this done in a matter of 6 week, despite Law Enforcement not being able to police the site.

The CRRA have questioned why can a liquor license be approved in a residential area within 6 weeks but when a Needs Analysis on Law Enforcement within the area is requested, it does not get done. It was requested in December 2015 and still has not been completed.  

As we advised at the last AGM:

Civic organizations such as ours are increasingly being ignored. Because of the political system, our public representatives owe greater allegiance to, and are bound by the decisions of the party on whose ticket they were elected – notwithstanding the fact that they were elected by us, the voters.

Gone are the days when Ward Councillors represented the interests of residents.

Effectively the voice of constituencies is drowned out by the policies and decisions of an elite few who do not believe that communities have an interest and a say in how those policies and decisions are implemented.

The one area of government that is meant to be constituency based, is local government – yet that too is overruled by the almighty “party list” resulting in us receiving a watered down version of democratic representation.

A strong Ratepayer’s Association is arguably the only way that communities can be heard on matters that directly affect them.”