Level 3 Water Restrictions – New Water Tariff

Level 3 Water Restrictions were implemented on 1 November 2016 and the new tariff is applicable from 1 December. The City gave residents and business one month to adjust their water usage behaviour before implementing the higher tariff.

Please keep your water usage to low winter levels to ensure that we have enough water in our dams to last until winter 2017. The City’s Water department have calculated that the stronger mitigating measures currently in place will be sufficient to secure the supply through the summer period until the next rainy season.

The City will be using all possible means to actively enforce the restrictions and offenders will be taken to task. They have already seen trends of improvement in sympathy with the new restriction level and once the Level 3 tariff takes effect from December, they are confident that the response will improve further.

For additional information about the 2016 water restrictions click http://www.capetown.gov.za/Family%20and%20home/residential-utility-services/residential-water-and-sanitation-services/2016-residential-water-restrictions-explained

To report all water related problems and users not adhering to the water restrictions you can use the following methods:

There is sufficient water in the system to see us through the summer if we get the necessary response to the restrictions that have been imposed.”



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