Dear Constantia Property Owner

Are you:

  • An established Constantia resident and /or property owner?
  • Passionate about protecting and conserving the natural beauty and rural character of the Constantia Valley?
  • Willing to support the Constantia Property Owners’ Association (CPOA) in being vigilant and proactive in dealing with any development or initiative that could threaten to change the environment that has made you want to live in Constantia?

If so, and you are not yet a member of the Constantia Property Owners’ Association please read on.

The CPOA is a strong and influential body that is professionally directed by a competent Executive Committee and managed by a professional officer who is in charge of our office every weekday from 8 – 12am. Various professional consultants are also engaged from time to time to advise and represent the CPOA in matters requiring specialist attention and to safeguard our residential environment.

Although it is not an uncommon ratepayer association scenario, less than half of Constantia owners are members of the CPOA. Unfortunately, this situation weakens our influence and our credibility, and also limits our financial ability to continue to provide professional services or to employ consultants.

The CPOA particularly needs to increase its younger membership. Our very loyal longstanding members have largely carried our association over many years and fought many battles to retain Constantia as one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Africa. The demographics of Constantia have changed somewhat in recent years and younger property owners now also need to get involved in issues which do affect the Constantia Valley.

To become a CPOA member, all you need to do is to complete theapplication form online and arrange to pay the annual subscription.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

Gary May

25 May 2011