Ladies Mile Retail (Solomon Square)
The CRRA letter of comment was submitted to the City on 26 July as required and has been published on our website. There were approximately 70 letters of objection submitted by other interested and affected parties.
The next step in the Municipal Planning By-Law application process is that the applicant (the owners and their planning consultant) need to respond to these comments or amend the development proposal. This must be done within 30 days of the City notifying the applicant of objections
The Department must provide a written report for consideration by the Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) containing (a) an assessment of the application (b) a recommendation (c) proposed conditions, where applicable and (d) copies of all relevant information to enable the MPT to make an informed decision.
The MPT must decide on the application within 180 days (or such other period agreed with the applicant) calculated from the date that the applicant responds to comments, objections or representations.
Within 21 days of a decision, the City must notify the applicant and objectors in writing of the decision. They are then entitled to appeal the decision within 21 days of notification. The appeal authority is the Mayor.
In summary, the application process is likely to take between 12 and 15 months to complete.
A file created by the City concerning the application is available for inspection by the public during office hours at any stage during the processing of the application if not being used by the Department.


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