Ladies Mile Development – 89% of people said NO!

A poll was conducted during July 2016 whereby residents, ratepayers and affected parties provided their opinion on whether they approved of the development in its current form (Yes or No).

Everyone understands the sensitivities regarding the land settlement claim but not everyone agrees as to whether a big box retail development is appropriate.

89% (eighty nine %) of people who participated said NO.
For those who said NO, opinions were sought as to alternatives. All participants elected for alternatives in the form of Residential Units, Old Age retirement village, Office Park or Mixed Use with minimum retail.

Additionally in terms of formal objections, there were 53 individual residents who also lodged formal objections as well as the Constantia Ratepayers and Residents Association.

The CRRA objected for a number of reasons, not least that the City’s own Southern District Development Plan which explicitly states as follows:

“No Expansion in the extent of existing commercial areas should be permitted and no further regional shopping centres should be permitted”.

It remains unclear as to what is happening with the remainder of the vacant property located outside erven 13707 and 13708.

The wants of Residents and Ratepayers are yet again simply ridden roughshod by the City, hell bent on development at any cost.



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