Its Happened – A serious accident in Southern Cross Drive

The CRRA has been warning that a serious accident is due to happen in Southern Cross Drive in Constantia and our words rang true on Friday morning when a pedestrian was knocked over.

A CRRA member reported as follows ” A man getting out of a Taxi which had parked up on the side of the road, on a blind corner with a double white line, was knocked over. Not dead, but when I passed he was unconscious in the culvert, the force having knocked him out of his shoes”

We ask the City, when will you really do something? Is it not the time to stop talking and promising and start making a difference? How many people will be injured or die before you take action?

We were told in a Public meeting just last week that you don’t have the personnel, and you don’t have the funds to enforce the laws or to put up cameras. We ask how much is a life worth?

We are appealing to residents to let us know if they have any more information for us regarding this particular accident which occurred on Southern Cross Drive near the intersection with Dawn Road on Friday morning the 9th of December 2016. We would like to find out how he is doing. Please mail us at


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