Glen Dirk Farm
The outcome of the High Court Application in November 2014 (for the review and setting aside of a decision taken by the City for the rezoning and subdivision of the historic Glen Dirk Farm) has been extensively covered in previous newsletters and on the CRRA website.
In summary, the application was opposed by the City and the owners of Glen Dirk farm who also launched a counter-application against this Association’s ExCo members with the intention of holding them jointly and severally liable for costs.
The City withdrew its opposition to the application and tendered to pay CRRA costs. The  owners also withdrew their opposition and their counter-application, thus completely vindicating the CRRA’s decision to challenge the City’s planning decision.
A cost order was granted by the High Court and, as predicted, the City and owners have opposed the bill of costs.
This was a very important case, not only for the conservation of the historic farms in the Constantia-Tokai Valley, but also to demonstrate that the CRRA is willing to challenge decisions taken by the City which are irrational and not in keeping with planning policies, heritage considerations and, most importantly, the desires of ratepayers and the general public.

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