Filming by-law in Cape Town. Comments lodged by the CRRA to the City of Cape Town.

The City of Cape Town is proposing revised by-laws for filming in Cape Town.

The proposed amendments will fundamentally change the nature of Single Residential SR1 properties and the residential neighbourhoods of Constantia

Click on the link to view a copy of the letter sent from the CRRA to the City with all our comments on the proposals.

CoCT Filming By-Law-26Aug 2016

The City held an open day recently regarding this By-Law which was poorly attended. The CRRA and only one other Ratepayers association attended.

The object of this forum was for the film industry to “sell” themselves to the residents.

The lack of interest by the public shows that no selling is required.

There is no doubt that the film industry contributes HUGELY to the economy here in the Cape, but we ask at what cost to the Constantia community.

If this by-law goes into place there are consequences for Constantia Residents.

You need to ask yourselves questions.

  • Micro shoots no longer have to apply to the city as they  will not materially interfere with the ordinary comfort, peace and quiet that the public, property owners and residents in residential neighbourhoods are entitled to.
  • The proposed amendments will fundamentally change the nature of Single Residential SR1 properties and the residential neighbourhoods of Constantia.
  • There will no longer be protection of the residential nature of neighbourhoods and the amendment to allow filming as a primary use results in commercialisation of entire neighbourhoods.
  • By introducing filming as a primary use right without any conditions whatsoever the City of Cape Town removes protections that are currently in place to prevent residential neighbourhoods from becoming commercial districts.
  • It is common cause of complaint that filming results in public nuisances. The factual background concerning the long history of problems that the CRRA’s members experience due to filming on private and public property shows that the filming operators and the owners who use their properties for filming purposes do not adhere to conditions and have little or no regard for the impact of the filming activities on neighbours in single residential neighbourhoods.
  •  These new by-laws provide for exemptions, but they only create uncertainty and also remove your rights to have any input or say in filming activities that will have an impact on you and/or create a nuisance. The by-laws effectively removes your  rights that you should be entitled to exercise.
  • There are examples in the Constantia area where properties have been designed as purpose-built venues. The new by-law exempts these venues from an application.

The City does not have the resources to protect its citizens in day to day life, how will they find the resources to enforce these new by-laws and regulations.

The City’s failure to properly enforce the conditions under which filming takes place is an open invitation to filming operators and property owners who use their properties for commercial filming to use the micro shoot exemption as a loophole. After all, who will be counting the number of cast and crew and vehicles? Who will ensure that the numbers that the City has unilaterally applied to arrive at the micro shoot exemption are adhered to?

31 August is the final date to be able to lodge objections, follow the below link to find out more.

or go to our website to view the letter sent by the CRRA to the City.



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