As early as December 2013 the Constantia Ratepayers and Residents Association have been involved in facilitating the roll out of Fibre in Constantia. We are very happy to see via the website of Frogfootfibre that  areas have already had fibre laid and still more are in progress (see map) This is a significant move forward in allowing all of us to have better internet and telephonic use.

What Is FTTH

Fibre To The Home refers to the use of optic fibre cables to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access and other services, directly to individual residences, apartment buildings and businesses. FTTH dramatically increases the connection speeds available to computer users compared with copper based technologies like DSL, currently in common use.

How can it benefit you?


  • Better speed! Fibre is up to 50 times faster than today’s basic DSL broadband. Upload speed is more or less the same as download speed, which is great for video conferencing via Skype and for remote working. Fibre future-proofs your home.ftth1
  • Improved Security Rolling out a fibre network makes it possible for CCTV cameras to be placed throughout the community, which can play a significant role in improving the overall security in the areas they cover.ftth2
  • HD Entertainment possible, Rapidly download or even live stream your favourite HD TV shows, movies, games and music via the Internet.ftth3
  • Internet telephony VoIP (Voice over IP) can cut your phone costs by making calls (locally and internationally) at a fraction of current costs, but with crystal clear quality.ftth5
  • Improved Mobile phone coverage  Mobile phone coverage (which can be very poor in some areas) can be improved with the installation of decentralised mini-antennas mounted on, for example, camera poles and traffic lights – they can be powered through the fibre network. This is a very viable means of addressing environmental and health concerns associated with large masts in residential areas.ftth6
  • Additional services Smart metering and home automation allows homeowners to upgrade to smart homes, with remote control of alarms, devices, lights, appliances, and remote measuring of water and electricity consumption.

How to get Fibre into your home?

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and place an order, they will arrange for the various services to be installed, provide an Internet router and ensure you are connected to the Internet. You can also see for further information.

Just another way the CRRA works for the residents of Constantia.