Link Africa roll out-5May2106

Back in October 2014, it was planned that Link Africa and Frogfoot Networks would deploy a fibre optic network through the Constantia Valley using the sewer and stormwater drainage systems.  The innovative FOCUS technology (Fibre Optic Cables in Underground Systems) would save time, money and avoid damaging roads and verges.

After initial in-principle approval, Link Africa found themselves mired in red-tape and resistance from City engineers and managers concerned about potential risks and liabilities.  In February 2015, after many months of negoitiations, the City agreed to a public participation process before a formal approval and the development of wayleave processes.  Formal approval and the signing off of on all the Agreements only happened in May 2016, some 19 months after the project commenced.

As a result of the delay caused by City bureaucracy, Link Africa had no option but to make use of conventional trenching to start deploying fibre.  Not doing so would have put them at an extreme commercial disadvantage to Telkom who had already begun trenching.  Certain areas in Constantia may well be serviced using FOCUS (probably less than 40%, whereas 80% was originally planned).
–  see Map.

If you see trenching activity in your neighbourhood, it may be Link Africa (using PURPLE ducts) or Telkom (who use GREEN ducts).   If there is problem caused by trenching affecting your property then please note the colour, confirm the provider with the labour team (Link Africa will be wearing company identifying bibs) and then contact:

Link Africa:

Telkom:                012 311 2473 or

How the fibre makes its way to your home:

Link Africa

The fibre optic cable in trenches will be laid on one side of the road only. There will then be a connection from the main cable to what is termed a boundary box – one box for every two houses. Then there is a connection between the boundary box and what is termed a termination box at the actual house (say in the garage or closest point from the boundary box to the house).

Frogfoot Networks

Frogfoot install a small Optical Network Terminator (ONT) at the point where the fibre terminates, and ensure that there is a working optical connection between your home and their regional node.

Internet Service Provider

At any point, you as a resident can choose a Fibre Broadband package  from one of the ISPs serving the area (see and place an order.  The ISP will arrange for the various services to be installed, provide an Internet router and ensure you are connected to the Internet.


Fibre broadband packages available to you range from 10Mbps (the speed of a reasonable fast ADSL service), 20Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, up to a ridiculously fast 1,000Mbps (1Gbps)!  If you’re thinking: “I’ll never be able to afford fibre”, don’t.  If R2,599.00 for a 1Gbps package is not worth it to you, then  R429.00 (all inclusive) for a 10Mbps package, or R599.00 (all inclusive) for a 20Mbps service might be more your style.

Colour codes and your area – completed and ready to go?

The good news is that Link Africa are scheduled to complete the areas listed below by the end of August

Yellow                   Ready to go

Black                      Ready to go

Light Blue            Ready to go

Purple                   Ready to go

Red                        Ready to go

Dark Blue             Trenching around Alphen Hotel to commence next week.

Green                   Way leaves in next week

Orange                 Way leaves in next week

Pink                       Way Leaves in next three weeks

Pink Left               Way Leaves in next three weeks

Balance of Constantia Surveys underway for FOCUS installations.

Area between pink, light blue, dark blue and yellow – FOCUS is being considered presently for this area. This area has been surveyed and wayleave applications are currently being prepared. This will be the first section to be done using FOCUS cabling. There will still be some trenching where required.

Silverhurst Estate FTTH is live and working.

Sections of Blue along Rhodes Drive are subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment and so it is not clear at this stage when residents here will be able to access the service. Link Africa together with their civil engineers are working with council to establish if the route is possible given the narrowness in places of the road reserve.

Link Africa apologises for delays in reinstatement which are being attended to. Also in instances where irrigation systems may have been damaged, please report these to them as they will make any necessary repairs.