The City of Capetown has advised us of an electricity supply interruptions as follows and due to switchgear maintenance.

The whole of Constantia from 23:00 hrs on the 2nd and 01:00 hrs on the 3rd.

Augusta Way Sub Station, Groot Constantia  from 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs on the 11th.

Silverhurst Dr S/S, Gilmour S/S, Silverhurst Estate S/S, Duckit Ave, Gilmour Ave, Witteboomen Rd, Main Str, The Ave, Terrace Hill Rd, Vineyard Cls, Frankcollins Way, from 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs on the 21st.

Click on the links below for further detail.

7687 (2017) – WARNING NOTICE – Constantia Area, CONSTANTIA – 2nd and 3rd Sep 2017 (4)

7671 (2017) – WARNING NOTICE – Silverhurst Drive substation and surrounds,

CONSTANTIA – 21 Sep 2017 (1)7315 (2017) – WARNING NOTICE – Augaster Way substation and surrounds CONSTANTIA – 11 Sep 2017