De Lille


This is the the thanks that we get for our contribution to transformation and the City purse, which equates to over 200mln a year and is about to go up by at least 10% as of I July.

Why pick on 3500 law abiding, rate paying households?

Cape Town – The DA in Cape Town cares about the poor and uses money from rich residents to cross-subsidise basic services, Mayor Patricia de Lille said on Tuesday.

“Ignorance and stupidity” perpetuated the myth that local government gave better services to those in private houses, she said at the release of the DA’s Cape Town election manifesto.

“The fact is that we are charging the rich people to live in their houses. We charge them up to R30 000 a month to live in their houses on the Atlantic Seaboard and we then use that money to cross-subsidise services to the poor,” she said.

Those who were involved in the anti-apartheid struggle, like De Lille herself, knew that leaders long before 1994 were responsible for building far-flung areas in Cape Town for certain people, she said.

Past addressed after 1994

“Who today thinks that the DA government would be so stupid to put more money in Constantia. Why must we do that? They have got everything. In fact, they don’t even want street lights. They want to live in the dark,” she said.

De Lille said she had to phone a security company one day to help get her out after being lost in the dark.

This was in reference to a belief that many residents had about street lighting detracting from Constantia’s rural character.

Not losing a beat, De Lille said imbalances of the past could only start to be addressed after 1994.

“So be careful when you attack us. Look at the fine print and you will see the city is busy transforming,” she said after referring to a number of city initiatives.

Lot of hot air

The mayor, who is standing for re-election, also took a dig at suspended provincial ANC chairperson Marius Fransman.

“It is because the person who has been perpetuating this lie, his party didn’t even see fit to bring him back because he made the same speech for five years,” she said.

He was suspended after a young woman accused him of sexual harassment earlier this year.

De Lille believed the ANC was undermining its voters by not having a plan and “trying to turn every incident into a racial incident”.

She said she was prepared to talk and debate if the ANC could match what the DA was doing.

“But in the absence of such a plan, it is just a lot of hot air that is coming out and I will hope they will learn from the mistakes they made in the previous election.”