Cycle paths coming to Spaanschemat Rd

A resident of Constantia recently sent this notice which they had received in their postbox.

We have all noticed the Cycle path and paved sidewalk being put along Kendal Rd. Now other parts of Constantia will receive the same treatment.

Strata Civils as a member of Raubex Construction (Pty) Ltd have been appointed by the City of Cape Town to construct 1.5m wide Sidewalks and 1.5m wide Cycle Lanes (where required) along the following roads:

1. Spaanschemat River Road and Orpen Road between Constantia Main Road and Tokai Road Circle.

2. Kendal Road between Main Road and Spaanschemat River Road.

3. Ladies Mile Road between Main Road and Spaanschemat River Road.

4. Firgrove Way between Ladies Mile Road and Spaanschemat River Road.

5. Tokai Road between Main Road and Tokai Road Circle.

6. Steenberg Road between Tokai Road Circle and Main Road.

7. Upper Tokai Road between Tokai Road Circle and Zwaanswyk Road.

Unfortunately, the City forgot to accommodate taxis and there are NO embayments planned. How this is possible? We do not know! And all our queries to the various consultants employed remain unanswered. Taxis cannot pull over because of the pavement and now stop in the middle of the road.

The above works include:- 1. Widening of roads to accommodate proposed cycle lane. 2. Asphalt surfacing of the sidewalks and respective driveways. 3. Segmented paving along the proposed western sidewalk. 4. lnstallation of stormwater infrastructure. 5. lnstallation of Concrete Edging along the edge of the sidewalk, which will extend to the existing boundary at the Driveways only. 6. Dropping of Kerbs at Driveways I Carriageway Crossings where required.

They have already commenced some of the work but may be woking in your area on a daily basis between 08h00 and 17h00 for the duration of 18-months (estimated date of completion is September 2017)Excluding Sundays and public holidays.

Their letter states ” We are aware that there are existing driveways that have already been paved and landscaping works implemented at some residences, which our works may affect. We therefore request that you contact the undersigned immediately if the proposed works noted above has bearing on what you have already implemented and if you wish to retain it. Strata Civils endeavours to limit the noise pollution (viz. created by machinery or equipment used on site), which may be cause for a certain level of discomfort within a quiet residential area. And we offer our thanks in advance for your co-operation and understanding. Yours faithfully, Randall Booysen Site Manager (Mobile: 0742378361 ; Office: 021 905 7539)”


Spaanschemat River Rd Cycle Path


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