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The name change from Constantia Property Owners’ Association to the Constantia Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (CRRA) was ratified by members present at the AGM in October 2016. This name change had become necessary not only because our Association had become more inclusive, which needed to be reflected in the name, but also because of the regular confusion with another organisation with the same acronym. Ironically, in January we received a lawyer’s letter from the Cape Peninsula Organization for the Aged (CPOA) challenging the use of ‘their’ acronym even though it has been used by our Association for more than 60 years!

Newcomers to the Executive Committee have added much needed energy to our marketing sub-committee who have been engaged in a number of exciting new initiatives, largely aimed at attracting new members, in particular the growing number of younger people moving into Constantia.

We now have an active Facebook page with daily posts on news and events that are happening in the Valley and beyond. If you have not already done so please have a look at it (even if you are not a FB follower!) on . It is a very useful tool for the ExCo to communicate with members and the general public and vice-versa.

We have also developed a new website which is more in keeping with modern website architecture, hence more appealing to the younger generations. For example, there is a news feed linked to our Facebook page and it includes more in-depth articles. Also, there is a place to ‘have your say’ on various issues. You can view the new website on:

If you visited Constantia Village shopping centre on Saturday 6th February you would have seen our promotional stand in the mall. This was a huge success with many new members signing up and, more importantly, was a great opportunity for the Executive Committee to interact with Constantia (and other) residents, discuss issues, listen to suggestions and so on.

If you are receiving this by ‘snail mail’ it is because we do not have your email address. Due to postage costs and service unreliability, it is our intention to phase out hard copies of newsletters – but more importantly, so much is going on that we need to report virtually daily on Facebook and our new website to keep our members informed.

We again appeal to members to notify us of their email address by simply sending an email to  stating ‘please update details’