Court Order granted for Parkscape – Tokai Forest

The CRRA have been following the situation in the Tokai forest quite closely and were quite interested to see that residents had set up shop along Orpen road to collect signatures for the objections to the felling in the Tokai forest. We observed many, many concerned people (including those from Constantia) stopping their cars to sign and to pledge support. All this while across the road logging continued.

Parkscape had obtained a 7 day injunction to stop logging on the one side of Orpen Rd while logging continued on the other side.

They were in court today and have been granted the temporary interdict. Nicky Schmidt of Parkscapes spoke at the Cape High Court after an temporary interdict was granted to temporarily suspend the felling of the pine plantation in Dennendal, Tokai, pending an application by the organisation against the lawfulness thereof. (

Their facebook page ( Parkscape)  says that the purpose of the court action is  ” to seek an interdict against the felling of Lower Tokai so that time is created for full and proper public engagement and consultation with all affected and interested parties. This engagement and consultation is necessary inasmuch as it seeks to meet the needs of ALL in both the local and broader community.

We seek a fair and just balance between safety, shaded recreation and biodiversity that results in a “Park for All”. We will look for an adherence to the Management Framework, or an alternative
which equates the original intention and spirit thereof.”

Social media has been very busy both for and against the logging and the ensuing court case.

While Parkscape have an online petition to stop the felling, other organisations such as Friends of Tokai Park ( have stepped in and are also asking for petitions to allow the logging to continue and to help restore the fynbos at Tokai.

We will provide more information as and when we have any updates.



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