Constantia Sports Village – City of Cape Town Fix the Roads!

The road is used by thousands of cars each week.

People from all the surrounding neighbourhoods and international guests come here to use the gym, people from all over Cape Town come here to use the Cricket and Rugby fields as well as the bowling green and tennis club.

There is also Constantia Nursery School located south of the gym.

Why can’t the City fix the roads here?


Why can’t the City assess what needs to be done and then arrive at a cost for work to be done?

Why can the City spend ZAR400 000 on resealing the entire car park (2000sqm) at the Alphen Centre a year ago (which is used by maximum of perhaps 500 cars a week) but not maintain the road that they rent out to paying tenants which is used by thousands of cars each week?

How do you feel about the lack of simple maintenance?

Residents rates went up 12% as of 1 July – why does the Plumstead South Depot that services all roads in the Southern Peninsusla then have its budget for 2016/2017 reduced by 30%?

We appeal to the City once again to fix the roads here as well as within Constantia as a whole.



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