In a meeting held on 1 September between the CRRA and representatives from the City of Cape Town’s Roads department, it was learnt that the City has allocated a budget of R2.5m for the maintenance of Constantia’s road network for the 12 months ending February 2018. In the past, a budget of R2.5m would not have stretched very far as the cost of repairing a road with asphalt amounted to approximately R200/m2, which only allowed for the repair or replacement of 2km of road network.


Now for the good news: The City has identified a number of materially cheaper, but equally effective repair methods. These do not require the removal of the old asphalt layer (unless the road is very badly damaged) and instead rely on the application of either a slurry, a bitumen seal or a polymer spray – depending on the degree of damage to the road. Each of these options have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years and require minimal drying time. As the cost is only R30/m2, these methods allow for more than 6 times the road surface to be repaired (12km vs 2km) as compared to the traditional method.


The City is currently completing a detailed road assessment for the whole of the Constantia area to determine which roads need repair and what method of repair will be employed. While it will not be possible to repair every damaged road in the next year (even with the cheaper methods), the assessment will allow the City to plan their maintenance work and associated budgets for the next couple of years. The assessment is expected to be complete by the end of October and will be shared with the CRRA to ensure that the residents and ratepayers of Constantia continue to get the best possible service from the City.


Stefan Rabe, CRRA: Transport