Cleaning Up Constantia – CRRA working for You.

You may have noticed these people working in Constantia last week.



These were teams from an NPO called Straatwerk who among other things, assist the destitute to develop skills so that they can help themselves. The CRRA had 2 teams working in Constantia and over a four hour period they worked along Spaanschemat road , Ladies Mile and Main Road.



In that short time they accumulated 35 bags of litter which consisted of glass and plastic bottles, papers, plastic bags and cardboard, they also tried their best to focus on smaller litter such as cigarette butts, bottle caps and sweep wrappings. The cost was just over ZAR1000 – money well spent. Any donations for this are welcome.



As part of our Constantia Cares initiative the CRRA will continue with this initiative throughout the suburb of Constantia.  If anyone wants their street cleaned then ask us we are working on being able to send a team to your street – if you pay for it. R1000 is mimimal split between 10 residents and these guys are thorough..

Click here for more information on Straatwerk.


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  1. Peter 16/03/2017 at 6:35 pm

    Excellent initiative. Please can they also do southern cross drive and brommersvlei road.thank you

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