Notice is hereby given that the 65th Annual General Meeting of Members of the Constantia Property Owners’ Association will be held on Thursday 15 October 2015 at 7:30pm at the Alphen Hall, Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Constantia.

Alec Pienaar
14 September 2015


1. Notice Convening the Meeting.

2. Apologies.

3. Confirmation of Minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting held on 23rd October 2014 (Copies of the Minutes are available on the CPOA website and at the CPOA office for perusal).

4. Treasurer’s Report

• Tabling and Approval of the Annual Financial Statements.
• Presentation of Budget for 2015/2016
• Appointment of Auditor.

5. CPOA Re-branding and Web Portal

6. Proposed Amendments to the Constitution

7. Chairman’s Report

8. Election of Executive Committee
(Closing date for nominations: 8th October 2015).

9. General

10. Guest Speaker – Mr Craig Carthy
Amendments to the Constitution: Per agenda item 6 overleaf

The acronym for the Association (CPOA) is often confused with the Cape Peninsula Organization for the Aged and also does not fully describe the membership. It is proposed that clauses 1.1 and 1.2 be amended thus:

1.1 The name of the Association is ‘The Constantia Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association’.
1.2 The shortened name is ‘The CRRA’

People who reside in Constantia but do not own property in the area, and who support the objectives of the Constantia Property Owners’ Association, may wish to become members of the association. In order to permit such membership, it is proposed that the constitution be amended by the addition of the following two clauses:

4.1 (a) Any person residing in Constantia and who supports the Association’s objectives may become a member.

Special General Meetings should only be arranged for matters of extreme urgency where a substantial proportion of members believe there is a need. It is proposed that clause 5.4 be amended thus:

5.4 On the written requisition of at least ten percent of paid up members, the Executive Committee must call a Special General Meeting.

Click here to download the AGM Nomination Form 2015

Click here to download the AGM Proxy Form 2015