The area opposite the Alphen Trail is actually part of the greenbelt and is owned by the City.

It has long been an area of concern due to street people who have been using it to live. Unfortunately, they have created a huge mess, as the pictures demonstrate, including using their area for their ablutions.

There are also criminal elements amongst them who insist on stealing the cabling used to power the street lights between Alphen Road and the M3 offramp – this is why they are constantly being repaired – as this is written, two lights under the bridge are not working.

The City are unable to do anything here, except clean up the area every six months or so, but the area very soon returns to what the pictures portray. The usual lack of resources, funding or manpower explanations are received.

It is through the great and enormous generosity of a resident that funding has been donated to employ 2 security guards, who now man the entrance to the Alphen trail and also walk the greenbelt. They carry radios are are in constant communication with the Valley neighbourhood control room. They have successfully in 2 days managed to stop all informal car guarding, and the street people have moved away from the Alphen Rock area. The guards have been instructed not to receive tips.


It is so immensely pleasing to see that there are residents who are so committed to assisting in the general upkeep of our neighbourhood.

The funding that has been provided will ensure a temporary solution, whilst a fund is set up for a more permanent solution and driven by yet another committed resident  – we will keep members informed.

On behalf of the Constantia Ratepayers and Residents Association, we salute you!