Annual General Meeting 2015

Minutes of the 65th Annual General Meeting of Members of the Constantia Property Owners’ Association held on 15rd October 2015 at 19h30 at the Alphen Hall, Alphen Centre, Constantia
Alec Pienaar (Chairman), Yvonne Leibman (Vice Chairperson), Robert Thorpe (Treasurer), Chris Rousseau, Peter Stenslunde, Gordon Chunnett, Isabelle Franzen, George Louw, Anna Engelhardt, Sheila Camerer and John Hesom (Manager)
Ward Councillor: Liz Brunette
There were 75 members present as per the attendance register and 6 proxies were received. The Chairman welcomed the members and stated that a quorum had been achieved.
1. Notice Convening the Meeting.
The notice convening the meeting was taken as read.
2. Apologies:
7 apologies were noted per attached list.
3. Confirmation of the minutes
The minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting held on 23rd October 2014 were taken as read and were confirmed to be a true reflection of proceedings. This was moved by Mr Gary May and seconded by Mr George Louw.
4. Matters arising from the Minutes.
No matters arising were discussed
5. Treasurer’s Report.
5.1. The Treasurer advised that Alliott Andersen Nell Inc. had submitted an Independent Auditors Report in respect of the financial statements for the year ended 31 August 2015. An extract of the audit report reflecting detailed income and expenditure and the balance sheet was available to all members at the meeting.
5.2. There was a significant increase in income for 2015 which was attributable to funds received from the Constantia Valley Trust for ‘special projects’ (R100000) as well as donations for the Glendirk High Court action (R505000). There was a 24% increase in ‘ordinary’ income over 2014.
5.3. The significant increase in overall expenditure also related to ‘special projects’. The increase in ‘ordinary’ expenditure was also approximately 24% more than 2014 largely due to setting up of the Sage Pastel accounting system and the membership database cleanup.
5.4. The 2016 annual budget was presented (copies were available for members and are attached hereto) for the ensuing year. Although it is the intention to significantly increase membership this year, a ‘steady as you go’ approach is reflected in the budget. Budgeted revenue is increased by 6% and expenditure is decreased by 7% from last year as extraordinary expenses are not anticipated.
5.5. The budget includes an increase of membership fees to R480 per household.
5.6. The Annual Financial Statements and 2016 Budget were adopted nem con as moved by Gordon Chunnett and seconded by Mike Connolly.
5.7. The appointment of the firm Alliott Andersen Nell Inc. as the association’s auditors for the ensuing year was approved nem con as moved by Gordon Chunnett and seconded by Mike Connolly.
6. CPOA Re-branding and Web Portal Presentation
Peter Stenslunde gave a PowerPoint presentation on the proposed CPOA Re-branding and Web Portal strategy. The slides are attached as an Annexure to these minutes.
In summary:
 The present CPOA vision statement is ‘’ Conserving Constantia’s rural and cultural landscape for all’’
 A lot happens behind the scenes assessing town planning applications and dealing with Conservation matters thanks to a dedicated sub-committee, all on a pro-bono basis (refer Chairman’s report). The community need to be made more aware of this and to give support
 The CPOA has also become far more involved in other civic matters such as roads, fire protection, FTTH etc.
 The new vision seeks to be expanded to integrate the three pillars of sustainability namely: Society, Heritage/Environment and Business
 The community needs to be encouraged to become involved – people keep their properties in good order so why not their neighbourhood?
 We recognize the ‘generation shift’ in Constantia and need to communicate accordingly to create awareness and thereby generate support through increased membership
 How can the vision be achieved?
o Appropriate and active marketing
o Social media platforms – CPOA Facebook page has already been established and actively managed
o On-line feedback from the community including opinion surveys
o Engage positively with City of Cape Town leaders
 The Web Portal Model is really a ‘hub’ for the collection and dissemination of information
 Ratepayers and residents can become involved by signing up as members, encouraging others to do likewise and using our new communication channels
Questions and responses:
 Is it the intention to open up membership to businesses? – No it is not. The proposal is to allow all residents of Constantia to become members. This will be put to the vote in the next agenda item.
 How soon will the new strategy be implemented? – it is already happening and the FaceBook page is now live.
 What is the CPOA attitude regarding the greenbelt cycling routes? This is a City led initiative and Cllr Liz Brunette will touch on it in her talk. However, through our new social media platforms we will be able to conduct a member opinion poll
7. Proposed Amendments to the Constitution
The acronym for the Association (CPOA) is often confused with the Cape Peninsula Organization for the Aged and also does not fully describe the membership. It is proposed that clauses 1.1 and 1.2 be amended thus:
1.1 The name of the Association is ‘The Constantia Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association’.
1.2 The shortened name is the ‘CRRA’
The proposal was put to the vote by a show of hands and was approved by a majority – there were 6 votes against.
People who reside in Constantia but do not own property in the area, but who support the objectives of the Constantia Property Owners’ Association, may wish to become members of the association. In order to permit such membership, it is proposed that the constitution be amended by the addition of the following two clauses:
4.1 (a) Any person residing in Constantia and who supports the Association’s objectives may become a member.
The proposal was put to the vote by a show of hands and was approved by a majority – there were 6 votes against.
Special General Meetings should only be arranged for matters of extreme urgency where a substantial proportion of members believe there is a need. It is proposed that clause 5.4 be amended thus:
5.4 On the written requisition of at least ten percent of paid up members, the Executive Committee must call a Special General Meeting.
The proposal was put to the vote by a show of hands and was approved by a majority. However, after an appeal to members by Mr Wayne Webner to re-consider, a second vote was taken and the motion was not carried.
8. Chairman’s Report
A copy of the full Chairman’s Report is included as an Annexure to these minutes.
9. Report from Ward Councillor Liz Brunette
A copy of the Ward Councillor’s Report is included as an Annexure to these minutes.
10. Election of Executive Committee.
10.1. Mike Fowler has retired as a member of the Executive Committee. The Chairman thanked him for his service for the past 5 years.
10.2. The Chairman stated that the under mentioned existing and new members were proposed and seconded for election to the Executive Committee. They have accepted their nominations. The following members were all duly elected:
Existing members: Anna Engelhardt, Isabelle Franzen, Yvonne Leibman, George Louw, Alec Pienaar, Brian Ratcliffe, Chris Rousseau, Peter Stenslunde, Sheila Camerer, Gordon Chunnett, Robert Thorp. John Muir will remain a co-opted member.
New member: Mike Eayrs
Co-opted members: John Muir (existing), Stef Rabe
Marketing Sub-committee members: Di Botha and Carryn Wiltshire
Adoption of the above was proposed by Gary May and seconded by Mike Connolly.
11. General
11.1. Mr Wayne Webner asked what the CPOA were doing (in terms of the Servitude Agreement) to address the issue of temporary refrigerated storage containers that Woolworths locate in the parking area over peak seasons (Christmas and Easter). The Chairman responded that, as Mr Webner is well aware, several measures have been taken by Growthpoint to address the broader issue of noise including the erection of the new wall along Spaanschemat River Road. Specifically relating to measures for the upcoming December period, the Chairman referred to an email received from Growthpoint detailing what additional measures Woolworths would be taking. This has been copied to Mr Webner.
11.2. A member asked why the City could not have a street collection service for re-cycling as is done in other suburbs (for example Pinelands and Fishhoek). Cllr Liz Brunette responded that these were done as pilot schemes and were found to financially unviable. There are however private companies who provide this service – a list of these companies will be posted on the City and CRRA websites.
11.3. A member asked for an update on the SARDA land dispute. Cllr Liz Brunette stated that SARDA were asking to be an interested party in the court case asking for a review of the judgement.
11.4. A member wanted to know about the rumours that Shoprite Checkers were to develop on the Ladies Mile Garden refuse site. This was confirmed, however the development proposal will have to go through the normal application process including a public participation process.
11.5. A member asked about the planning approval for No.40 Constantia Main Road. Yvonne Leibman responded that she and Cllr Liz Brunette had presented strong arguments opposing the planning application at a SPELUM meeting. Certain Councillors made some
spurious statements with startling reasoning in favour of the application, a vote was taken, and it was approved. The CPOA are considering pursuing a judicial review of this decision. In the meantime, it has been observed and reported to the City that certain conditions of approval (parking) have already been contravened.
11.6. A member asked what the CPOA stance was on the ‘Old Dutch Embassy’ re-zoning application. Yvonne Leibman responded that the application was only recently received but that ExCo were very mindful of the neighbouring property owners’ concerns. A balanced view will be needed in assessing the application.
11.7. A member complained about mini-bus taxis using Rust en Vrede Close as a parking area between peak times. This is an issue for the City Traffic Department to address – CPOA will alert them.
12. Guest Speaker
The Chairman introduced Mr Craig Carthy to give a presentation about the fibre to the home (FTTH) project in Constantia.
Copies of the PowerPoint presentation are available as an Annexure to the minutes.
Questions and responses:
 Telkom are currently installing fibre optic cables in Constantia. How does this affect the Link Africa offering? Telkom may be ahead with infrastructure but from past experience they are inefficient in providing the end user service
 Do Telkom have an open access system? – No, not in the true sense of open access.
 How can we stay abreast of project progress? – there are regular updates on the website. The CPOA/CRRA website and Facebook page will also post updates
Gordon Chunnett thanked Craig Carthy for his interesting and informative talk.
13. Closure
The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and invited them to enjoy a glass of wine or fruit juice.
The wines were provided by Groot Constantia and the Chairman thanked them for this generous offering and he mentioned that their 2013 Chardonnay has been judged as the best in the world at the recent 22nd annual Chardonnay du Monde competition.

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