Proposed amendments to the City of Cape Town Municipal Planning By-Law, 2015

The City of Cape Town Municipal Planning By-Law, 2015 (MPBL) came into force on 1 July 2015. As part of the annual review of the MPBL, several improvements/amendments to the MBPL are now proposed.

The proposed improvements/amendments fall within the following broad categories:

  • correction of minor errors and omissions, that were not previously identified
  • improvement of content and definitions to aid interpretation and to better state the intention of the MPBL
  • amendment to the Development Management Scheme (a schedule to the MPBL) to provide improved land use control
  • introduction of new overlays and concepts, to create relevant mechanisms for the City to cater for development control/incentives in areas where such control/incentives are required. This will allow the City to be more responsive to such needs and provide mechanisms to implement its strategic objectives

The proposed amendments are a response and pro-active initiative in pursuing relevant, modern and clear local planning legislation.

View a list of the proposed MPBL amendments here.

View the Executive Summary here (English | Afrikaans | isiXhosa).
Part of the process is that the public be afforded the opportunity to make representation and/or give input to the proposed amendments to the MPBL.

Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 17 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act that Council is hereby affording the public and interested parties or groups opportunity to submit comments, recommendations or input to the municipality for a period of 40 days.The comment period commences on 6 November 2015 and concludes on 15 December 2015.

Comments, input or recommendations can be submitted via:

  • fax to 021 400 2794 (For attention: MPBL Amendments Administrator)
  • e-mail to
  • written submission posted or hand delivered to: PBDM Department, City of Cape Town,
    P.O Box 298, Cape Town, 8000 (For attention: MPBL Amendments Administrator)
  • online comment form

The City’s Public Participation Unit will assist people who cannot read or write, people living with disabilities and people from disadvantaged groups who are unable to submit written comments, to have their comments or input recorded and submitted to the City.

People who are unable to read or write and who have disabilities, as well as disadvantaged
groups who are unable to submit written comments are encouraged to contact Zandile Mahlasela
on 021 400 5501 or

For further information on general public participation, contact Ruche Daniels on 021 400 1766

For more information on the proposed amendments to the MPBL, contact Richard Walton on
021 400 7579 or e-mail at

The proposed amendments to the MPBL will be available for viewing at subcouncil offices,
City libraries and district planning offices during the above mentioned period.

View the newspaper adverts here (English | Afrikaans | isiXhosa).