Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Constantia Property Owners’ Association held on 14 November 2012 at 19:30 in the Alphen Hall, Alphen Centre, Constantia.

There were 59 members present as per the attendance register and 5 proxies were received. The Chairman welcomed the members and stated that a quorum had been achieved. He extended a special welcome to the ward councillor, Liz Brunette.

1. Notice convening the Meeting:
The notice convening the meeting was taken as read.

2. Apologies:
Seventeen apologies were noted as per attached list.

3. Confirmation of the Minutes:
The minutes of the 61st Annual General Meeting held on 9th November 2011 were taken as read and were confirmed, moved by Mr. Alec Pienaar and seconded by Mr. George Louw.

4. Matters Arising:
No matters arising were discussed.

5. Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer, Mrs. Megan Veldhuis presented the annual budget (copy attached) for the ensuing year. The budget included an increase of subscriptions to R250 for single members and R350 for household members. Attention would be given to the recruitment of new members in the year ahead. The budget was adopted nem con.

She pointed out that expenditure in the past year had been kept within the budget with the exception that funds of some R6 000 in respect of legal & consulting expenses had been spent on a tax consultant to obtain a tax clearance certificate and to meet the costs of a recruitment advertisement in the Constantiaberg Bulletin.

Mrs. Veldhuis advised that the auditors had submitted a report in respect of the financial statements for the year ended on 31 August 2012 that indicated that the audit evidence was sufficient and appropriate. An extract of the audit report reflecting detailed income and expenditure was handed to all members at the meeting. The audit statements were adopted nem.com.

The appointment of the firm Alliott Andersen Nell Inc. as the association’s auditors for the ensuing year was approved nem con.

6. Chairperson’s Report:
The Chairman, Mr. Gary May, delivered his report. A copy of his report is attached to the minutes on record.

7. Heritage Portfolio Report:
Mrs. Yvonne Leibman presented a comprehensive report on the need for the CPOA to initiate the proclamation of the historic farms in the Constantia – Tokai valley. A copy of her report is attached to the minutes on record.

8. Election of Executive Committee:
The Chairman stated that the under mentioned members were proposed and seconded for election to the executive committee. They have accepted their nominations. The following members were all duly elected:

Christopher Beatty, Ann Engelhardt, Mike Fowler, Isabelle Franzen, Yvonne Leibman, George Louw, Gary May, Jean Naude, Alec Pienaar, Brian Ratcliffe, Chris Rousseau and Megan Veldhuis. The ward councillor, Liz Brunette, would serve on the committee ex officio.

9. Ward Councilor’s Report:
The Councillor Liz Brunette presented her report, a copy of which is attached to the minutes on record. 10. General:
Mr. Mills suggested that traffic circles were more effective as a traffic calming measure than four way stops.

Mr. Jessop asked what had transpired in regard to the proposed additional Constantia Village parking at the False Bay Rugby grounds. The Chairman advised that this proposal had been dropped.